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Testimonials ~ Sherri Irving | NPC Iron Viking Bodybuilding Championships
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Testimonials ~ Sherri Irving

Alex MacVey

I started training with Sherri in August 2012 and it was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. I initially wanted to start training with a trainer to learn how to exercise and eat properly to my goals. I have always been very active in the gym but felt I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted on my own. I always thought I had to do an insane amount of cardio to keep in shape and did not know how to properly weight lift, how to increase my weights and when to effectively use cardio. Sherri taught me proper form and how to change things up and have fun in the gym but still see results and obtain my goals. After training with her for a few months I decided I want to compete in a fitness competition, bikini category.  I am generally a pretty shy person in large crowds and wanted to step out of my comfort zone. We worked together very closely as she strategically did all of my meals plans and even include exercises until I felt comfortable doing it on my own. We had weekly check-in’s together  and measurements. She answered all of my questions in a really timely manner (and trust me there were MANY) and even was available at times where I would randomly ask her questions through texts and late night phone calls.

She was very professional and all her meal plans extremely well laid out, organized and broken down where I was able to understand everything we were doing and why we were doing it. With every question I had she was very knowledgeable in her answers. On top of being knowledgeable and educated, she really does have a passion and love for what she does and it shows through her amazing character. She is an awesome motivator and has become more than just a coach, she has become a great friend. I have competed in 4 fitness competitions thus far and have placed in top 5 in some competitions and have not placed in others (where at times was an emotional rollercoaster). However, through each competition I have seen gains made and my body has changed so much from that first check in photo and I have grown from that shy girl. She always kept my health in mind and has never jeopardized that, which I am thankful for since I had heard so many horror stories from others regarding trainers (always do research on who you are working with). She has been one of my number one fans and support systems throughout  it all. She has taught me that it is not all about placing but rather seeing how far you come. I have become a strong and confident women with her help. I have never felt more beautiful and more confident in my body than I do to this day. It has been more than 2 years of working closing with Sherri and she has taught me more than she even knows. If you are looking more than just a quick fix but rather a lifestyle change, Sherri is your girl! She will give you the tools and help educate you in obtaining your goals! She is the most wonderful person and I have felt so lucky to be able to work closely with her. Soon you will realize that you feel lucky you chose her too!:)  Here are some pictures from my competitions from 2012-2014. You’ll never regret a work out with her!




Kelly Leustek

I would like to introduce miss powerhouse, Kelly Leustek. She is the new Team Training Athlete of the Week. Kelly is the athlete that doesn’t get shak’in up easily by her surroundings. She is very focused and knows her goals clear and simple! She will tell you how it is (which makes my job much easier) and never makes excuses. She is always there to help a new athlete and give her advice. She has become a great friend! Thanks Kelly, for being so awesome!

Occupation: Sr. Purchasing Specialist for AT&T Corporate. I have the luxury of working full-time from home.  Competitions: I have competed in 6 competitions. MN North Star in October 2010. I placed 2nd in Figure Open and 4th in Masters 35+. Mr/Ms Natural MN in May 2011. I placed 2nd in Figure Novice, 6th place in Figure Masters and last place in Figure Open.

MN State in June 2012. I placed 5th in Figure Open and 5th is Figure Masters 40+. Upper Midwest, March 2013- 1st place in Masters 40+ and 3rd place in Figure Open MN Gopher State, April 2013- 1st place in Figure Open, 4th place in Figure Masters 40+ MN Iron Viking, May 2013- 1st place in Masters 40+, 2nd place in Masters 35+ and 2nd place in Figure Open

Trainer/Prep Coach: I train with the amazing Sherri Irving. I have made great gains and kicked butt in my last three competitions with Sherri as my trainer. I truly enjoy training with her. We have lots of laughs, good conversation, she pushes me further than I ever thought I could do, and she is always there when I need help with my food.





Jeff Lehman

Hello, my name is Jeff Lehman, and I’m a Physique competitor. If you are looking for a awesome trainer, Sherri is the one for you!!!  I started thinking about doing competition in September of 2013, and lifted and ate right(at least thought that I was)!! The manager at the gym I go to directed me to Team Training in late November, and I got in contact with Sherri. I started Nutrition with Sherrie January 8, to be ready for the Iron Viking of the North May 31st.  When I started with the training, I was 204lbs, and was 154lbs the day of competition. She nailed my nutrition dead on, and besides being a great nutritionist, she was also a great motivator!!! There were times that I thought is the sacrifice really worth it, and she showed me it was more then worth it!!! Sherri helped me unlock doors that I didn’t even know were there, and also has become a great friend. So if you are thinking about being a competitor, or even if you just want to get in shape and be healthier, get in touch with Sherri for sure!!!!




Julie Dahl

In April of 2012 I decided that after years of trying to train myself and not seeing the results I wanted I needed to hire a trainer.  I had been working out at Peak fitness in Hermantown and was completely inspired by all the women there who were training for fitness competitions.   When I decided to hire Sherri I was very excited to start the process because I have known her for many years and knew that with her passion and enthusiasm for  fitness she would be a good fit for me. The main thing Sherri taught me with my diet was instead of living to eat I now eat to live making sure everything I put in my mouth is going to benefit my body in some way whether its building muscle or getting extra energy to power through my workouts.  In May I competed in my first fitness competition “The Iron Viking of the North” the northlands first fitness show promoted by my trainer Sherri and her partner Shannon.  I never dreamed I would be able to take my body to that level but with Sherri’s knowledge and the support of “Team Training” I got on stage in front of hundreds of people and showed off my hard work.  I placed 6th in both of my classes but in my mind I placed 1st for following through with my goals.  In the end I lost about 15 pounds and over 10% of my body fat for the show.   I will continue to train with Sherri trying to build more muscle, gaining more knowledge and possibly competing in another show.  It has been an amazing journey meeting awesome people and getting a huge amount of support from “Team Training” a journey I hope never ends!

Martha Happy

I began training with Sherri in Jan 2014 with my goal set to compete in a physique show.  With her extensive knowledge in nutrition and training plus her experience with many other clients as a prep coach made her the ideal coach that would help me move in the direction I wanted to go.  With only 7 weeks Sherri was able to transform my body helping me win my first physique show.  Thanks to Sherri , I have accomplished one of my lifetime goals.   Thank you so much for all your help and support. I’m forever grateful to be a part of Team Training.

Michelle S.

have been a member of the Team Training family since January 2014. I have always been an active person, but I wanted to be stronger, more lean. That is when I became interested in becoming a fitness bikini competitor. With the help of my amazing trainer Sherri Irving, I was able to accomplish my goals. I highly recommend Sherri as a trainer. She is very easy going and approachable with all my fitness and nutrition needs. She is professional and knowledgeable about this sport. I trusted her instincts and followed her advice in her plans for my upcoming shows, even when I had doubts about my performance. Last season, I accomplished and exceeded my fitness goals. Hard work, dedication, and discipline are key in excelling in this sport. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goals without the help of Sherri! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me this next season!