Sherri Irving

Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA
Certified Fitness & Sports Nutrition, ISSA
Bodybuilding & Posing Coach
NPC Judge
Promoter of NPC Iron Viking Bodybuilding Championships
E: C: 218.591.6407 Fax: 218.729.4525
Training is available ONLINE or IN PERSON!

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Competitive bodybuilding and 20 years experience instructing fitness classes. Being a fitness and sports nutritionist has given me the experience and knowledge necessary to identify specific needs for each individual fitness goal. Whether these goals are losing weight, gaining muscle or sport specific they all require a solid knowledge of the body, fitness and nutrition. It has been my pleasure to help individuals reach their goals of all levels. Being a competitor myself, I am aware the  bodybuilding nutrition / lifestyle  can and will lead to positive life changes that will last your entire life. Contact me for more information on pricing and how to get started.


Weight Loss
Get a head start on your fitness by hiring a personal trainer that can steer you in the right direction. #1. Nutrition #2. Exercise Program in place #3. Support All the Way! No guess work needed, I will set your program up and provide all the support and motivation along the way!


You can execute a exercise program until you are blue in the face but if you don’t have proper nutrition in place results will lack. We are all different and so is required nutrition. Your nutrition plan will be tailored to you and your exercise program with continual support and changes.


Bodybuilding Prep Coach
Have you been thinking of competing in a bodybuilding show? Become part of Team Training, train for an individual sport backed by a team. Whether you are just starting out or have already been on stage, I would welcome reviewing your competition goals with you. Hiring a trainer that has been there and knows what it takes mentally and physically to reach that stage goal is key.


Competition Posing Coaching
I have been to many competitions and the competitors that stand out are the ones that are conditioned posers. Refining your posing is vital for great stage presence and to attract the attention of the judges.