Guest Poser 2015 IFBB Pro Casie Shepherd


IFBB Pro Casie Shepherd "The Blonde Mountain" NPC Iron Viking 2015 Guest Poser

IFBB Pro Casie Shepherd “The Blonde Mountain” NPC Iron Viking 2015 Guest Poser


IFBB Pro Casie Shepherd, “The Blonde Mountain” 2015 Guest Poser NPC Iron Viking

See IFBB Pro Casie Shepherd Guest Pose at the 2015 NPC Iron Viking of the North Bodybuilding Championships. May 9th, Duluth MN at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center!

Competition history:

NPC Northern Colorado 2008-3rd place figure
NPC North Star 2008-20th place figure
NPC Rocky Mountain 2008-10th place figure
NPC Gopher State Classic 2009-7th place figure
NPC Minnesota State 2011-2nd place figure
NPC Minnesota State 2012-2nd place physique
NPC Junior Nationals 2012-1st place earned pro card
*Guest Pose 2012 North Star
IFBB Phoenix Europa-16th place
IFBB Ferrigno Legacy-16th place


IFBB Omaha Pro May 30th 2015
IFBB Chicago Pro July 4th 2015


178lbs contest
198lbs off season

Casie Shepherd’s Story:

I started my fitness journey back in high school where I played varsity volleyball and basketball through my senior year. I was recruited for both sports for college but basketball was my first love. I went out to Colorado State on a full ride scholarship where I played for two years. I hadn’t ever lifted in high school as it was never something our coaches focused on. As a freshman I was beating out some of the seniors lifting and getting strong quickly. Weight lifting became a love of mine during this time. I decided to quit after a coaching change my sophomore year. I took about 4 months off after being burnt out about the same time I learned about several food allergies I was suffering from. All through high school and college I had “exercise induced asthma” which basically felt like being out of shape all the time. These allergies forced me to change my diet after being able to eat what I wanted for years because I was “burning it off”. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect with my new journey and everything really just fell into place perfectly. I started leaning out more and loved the physical changes I was seeing. Granted this was at a time when I was reading oxygen magazine and following the diets of girls that were 110lbs while way over training! I think we all go through an experimental phase at some point that is part of our learning process. I remember getting so excited to pick up the new issue of that magazine every month and idolizing the women in the back that were featured after placing
in contests. It was at that time I decided to strive to become one of those women. I competed in my first show my graduating semester my senior year of college taking 18 credits. I placed 3rd out of 3 women and was so unhappy feeling like I had lost after working so hard for something. Shows are so different from athletics where you go out on game day and outperform your opponents. It was a hard pill to swallow and I felt embarrassed even though I looked amazing. I moved back home to Minnesota after I graduated and put back on a ton of weight only to get into the vicious cycle of competing to lean out again then gain it all back. Balance was something that took me a few years to learn. I have certainly had my struggles placing dead last in my first three shows and then slowly doing better with each show. My 5th figure show I placed second and was told I just had too much muscle. Not only that but being 6’2” in heels (making me 6’6”) didn’t help my symmetry much either. After this show I was talked into competing in physique after talking to a few local friends and judges in the industry. I trained harder this off season then I ever had and was eating more and lifting more efficiently. I kept myself in a great spot with my conditioning and 1 year later competed in my first physique show. I placed second at this show and went on the very next weekend to win my class at Junior Nationals and earn my pro card. It was a very surreal feeling to win my pro card after never having placed first before. I did a guest pose that fall of 2012 at the NPC North Star and took over two years off to allow my body to heal, deal with some personal things, and gain the necessary size needed for my long frame. I remember how hard it was back when I first got to Colorado State. Going from high school to college ball and becoming the little fish in a small pond. As difficult as it was, I loved the challenge and that’s the thing that allowed me to keep striving for more…..because I wasn’t satisfied allowing myself to be done when I had more room to improve. Now that I am an IFBB pro it’s the exact same situation. It can be hard to step on stage with the best of the best but competing and working for something in the off season is the grind that I enjoy. I love the challenge and looking forward to making my mark as the tallest women’s physique competitor in this industry with the symmetry to match!