2016 Guest Poser NPC Athlete Chris Santamaria

NPC Athlete and 2016 NPC Iron Viking Guest Poser Chris Santamaria!

NPC Athlete and 2016 NPC Iron Viking Guest Poser Chris Santamaria!

  • Name: Chris Santamaria
  • E-mail:
  • Age: 32
  • Where: Minnesota
  • Height: 5’5″
  • Contest Weight: 198lb
  • Years Bodybuilding :14
  • Favorite Bodypart: Legs
  • Favorite Exercise: Squats


How Did You Get Started?

I was 112lb as a freshman in high school. I was a quick sprinter but my coaches told me I needed to add more mass if I wanted to be a good power sprinter. I worked very hard at building more size and eating more and after two years I eventually started to slow down with my added size. At that point I made the transition to bodybuilding.

I trained very hard but I still needed to eat more of the right foods to improve so I read up on nutrition and eventually started logging all my daily meals. I got to a point where I would never miss a meal no matter where I was. That is what really helped me progress to the next level. Along with that I have had tremendous support the whole time.


In 2013, I became incredibly sick after the season and I was admitted to the emergency room. I was released from the hospital after being there for 8 days. In those 8 days I lost 30lb. I got out of the hospital weighing 158 lb with clothes on. I literally lost everything I had worked for in the past 10 years. I had developed severe ulcerative colitis and was basically put on bed rest for a month. I had to eliminate a ton of things I was normally able to eat. I had to have help getting up stairs, even walking around. My life was changed permanently. My first day back at the gym I could Not squat JUST the bar for 6 reps. I thought my competitive days were over and I wasn’t sure what to make of all this. There were times when it seemed like there was little to no hope at all but those have all passed. I remember being in the hospital and it was emotional and then one day it just clicked. I decided I would beat this. I remember having good friends check up on me daily making sure I was ok and staying positive.  I will always believe. Thank you to my Sponsors and friends for all the support.